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Sweet Dreams Patches
Off to bed I go. I am glad the week is over and the weekend begins. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Dad. xoxoxoxoxox
Goodnight Little Buddy
Daddy is tired and falling asleep. Miss You!! Love, Daddy. xdoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Little One
Dad is off to Dreamland, I hope to see you there. ♥LOVING YOU♥. ♥Always & Forever♥. ♥Daddy♥ xoxoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Munchkin
Really missing you bunches right now.. I Love the way you use to talk to me and always check up on me. Visit if you can. Love Dad.
Goodnight Little One
Sweet Dreams!!! Love, Daddy. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Sweet Dream Little One.
I am off to bed, Have a long day tomorrow. Watch over me as always to keep me safe. Love, Dad
Goodnight Baby
Sweet Dreams Little One. See you after church tomorrow. Also ask Jesus to help me get to where he wants me to be. Love, Dad. xoxo
Goodnight Baby
♥LOVING YOU♥. ♥Always & Forever♥. ♥Daddy♥
Sweet Dreams Patches
Time for me to go to bed, have another long day tomorrow. Pray for me Little One, I really need it. Love, Dad. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Baby
Daddy is off to Dream Land. See you there. Love, Daddy. Hugs & Kisses Always. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Little Buddy
Daddy has a long day tomorrow so Sweet Dreams to you from me. Love, Daddy. xoxoxoxox oxo
Goodnight Baby Boy
Daddy is going to bed. Please visit me tonight in spirit and in my dreams and let me know your OK. ♥Daddy Loves You♥. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Good Morning Handsome
If you have the time Please ask Jesus to watch over me today. Missing you always... Love Daddy. xoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Little Buddy
Hugs & Kisses. Love, Daddy
Sweet Dreams Patches
Will see you after church tomorrow so sleep with the Angels. Love Always & Forever, Daddy. xoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight My Little Angel
Today was a Good Day for God was with me. Thank You for your prayers Munchkin. Love Always, Daddy. Hugs & Kisses.
Goodnight Munchkin
Was busy today and am very tired and need to get some rest. See you in my dreams Little One.... Love, Daddy. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Munchkin
Wish You Were Here. ♥Daddy Loves You♥. ♥Always & Forever♥. ....♥I Miss You♥.... ♥Hugs and Kisses♥. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Patches
Daddy is off to bed so if you can, please visit me in my dreams. Tell Jesus HI for me and stay out off trouble. Love, Daddy. xoxox
Goodnight Baby
I Love You, Daddy. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Munchkin
Sorry the visit was short today but had things to do. I hope all is well with you in heaven and that you are behaving. Love, Daddy
Good Morning Little One
Hope all is well with you in heaven. I will come visit you today after church so please watch over me today. Love, Daddy. xoxoxoxo
Goodnight Munchkin
I am glad this day is over. Please watch over me tonight with Jesus and keep me safe while I sleep. Love Always, Daddy. xoxoxoxoxo
Goodnight Little One
Sweet Dreams!!! Love, Daddy. xoxoxoxoxoxo
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