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sleep tight
Paw prints on your heart
He came into your heart one day
So beautiful and smart,
A dear and sweet companion
You loved him from the start.
Though you knew the time would come
When you would have to part,
 He'll never be forgotten-
 He left paw prints on your heart.  

God Bless your beautiful Patches.
To-day, Tomorrow, and Always.
Always be happy with all your.
Little Furfriends at Rainbow Bridge.
All my love & prayers to you Dad.
rosemary haines
I did not recieve your email, had tillys made afew years so it may not be valid. Can you please resend to this em I will get it there. I thank you so much for your concernand your strong words for me to go on without Tilly. Please write me back. Love and hugs to patches and you. Thank you My Karas

The Loan Of An Angel


My cute little boy, who meant the world to me,

Was the life of my home, so most would agree.


This Message to him, I will write with my love,

To my one Sweet little Angel, sent from above.


God showed me his Love, he really did care.

So I wouldn’t be lonely and full of despair,


Sending this Spirit that was given to me,

He helped me live in this life, until eternity.


This Loan Of An Angel, who had no deceit,

Made my life so happy, now feeling complete.


I wasn’t alone now, and no longer was scared,

A heart fill with joy, with a life to be shared.


My furry friend, filled my heart with emotion,

An Angel who showed, pure love and devotion?


The life that he lived was but for a short while,

He changed my life in his Angel like smile.



   I dedicate this poem to my Little One

   Written by myself (James G. Karas)

                                      June 26th, 2009


                       Rainbow Bridge


I look to the day when the Lord calls upon thee,

My time had come for my one final journey.

To begin searching, looking for my little boy,

With love and compassion and such a great joy.

My heart is racing with thoughts of what is to come,

No more pain, no more sorrow and nothing to run from.

With anticipation no words could seem to compare,

Was longing for love everlasting, an answer to prayer.


I looked to the meadows with tears in my eyes,

The memories were flowing with such a surprise.

Knowing soon I’d be united with my furry friend,

Being so happy knowing this time they’d never end.


I call out his name with the hopes he will hear me,

With a voice of an Angel, a wind whispering a plea.

Excitement in the thought of never again being alone,

Together with my little Patches on our way home.


On this Day at Rainbow Bridge, I again was alive

The time was at hand for my dreams to arrive.

With the fruits of the spirit, God’s gift from above,

Then I saw Jesus with my little Baby, so full of love.


I looked upon the Lord as I embraced my Little One,

He smiled and said to me “It Is My Will Be Done”

The journey has ended; a love that will last forever,

And then side-by-side we crossed over together.



                            This poem is dedicate to my “Patches”

                               Written by myself, James G Karas

                                                                  June 23rd, 2009



tilly/scrappy mom
Mr Karas I admire your page. It makes me wish I cound have had my Tilly longer than I did.I enjoy coming to your page. So many people write to u both. I try and come visit as often as I can. You have a wonderful memorial site for Patchs, and he lnow how much you love him, and through that how much we have come to know  you both. Take care, bless you Mr Karas.Be happy Patches.
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